MSASA Day Conference Program

as at 20/03/2019

Venue: Epworth Private Hospital, Melbourne Victoria, 
Date and time: Saturday 30th March 2019, All day.


0700Registration opens
0700 - 0730Breakfast (Epworth Auditorium)
0730 - 0830Plenary session 1
0830 - 0945Morning Breakout Session
(Resuscitation workshop, Economics, Operating Room emergencies)
0945 - 1000Morning tea break (Epworth Auditorium)
1000 - 1130Plenary session 2
1130 - 1145Plenary session 3
Medicare Review Update
1145 - 1230Plenary session 4
1230 - 1300Lunch break (Epworth Auditorium)/em>
1300 - 1430Afternoon breakout session
(Ortho, Plastics, Da Vinci)
1430 - 1545Plenary session 5
Safety in the OR
1545 - 1600Afternoon break (Epworth Auditorium)
1600 - 1645Plenary session 6
1800 - 1830Pre-dinner drinks - Park Hyatt Melbourne
1830 – 2130Dinner – Trilogy Room, Ground floor, Park Hyatt Melbourne

Plenary session 1  
0730-0830  Epworth Auditorium

0730Intro and welcomeDr Nigel Munday
0735Blood “thinners” – when is it safe to operate?Dr Craig Barnett
0750Antibiotic prophylaxis – when can we go without?Dr Andrew Fuller
0805CPD for MSAs – future directions of the MBAtba

Morning Breakout Session:
0830-0945   Option A – (Combined) Epw Auditorium

0830Practice Economics – Billing for assistantsDr Nigel Munday
0900Common emergencies in the Operating RoomDr Simon Reilly

0830-0945   Option B – (CPR Update) Epw Education Centre

0830Certificate course in CPR, RACGP certified for CME(Max 40 participants)

Plenary Session 2
1000-1130 Medico-legal session by MIGA Epw Auditorium

1000Claims trends, Doctors’ Health, Ageing doctors and Mandatory reporting.Mr Tim Bowen

(Also qualifies for points under MIGA’s annual risk management program.)

Plenary Session 3
1130-1145 Epworth Auditorium

1130Update on the Medicare ReviewMr Stephen Milgate

Plenary Session 4
1145-1230 (Plastic Surgery) Epworth Auditorium

1145Wound closure and the art of suturingMr Hamish Farrow/Dr Jane Dodd
1200What dressing should I use?Mr Hamish Farrow/Dr Jane Dodd
1215Dealing with infected wounds.Mr Hamish Farrow/Dr Jane Dodd

Afternoon Breakout Session:
1300-1430 Option A – (Ortho) Epw Auditorium

1300Navigation in orthopaedics (+ Stryker Mako robot)Mr Andrew Tang
1345Spinal Sagittal BalanceMr John Cunningham

1300-1430   Option B (Gen, Urol, Gynae, Card) Epw Theatres

1300Certified Da Vinci Robot training course.(Max 9 participants)

1300-1430   Option C (Plastics and General) Epw Educ Centre

1300Suturing workshop.
Materials via RACS (David Lawrence) and Ethicon
Includes alternative closure systems – meshes, glues, tapes.
(Max 32 participants)

Plenary Session 5
1430 -1545 MSAs and Safety

1430The role of the Medical Surgical AssistantDr Tim Fischer
1445Safety in the OR – lessons from the aviation industryDr Nigel Munday
1510Patient positioning – avoiding unnecessary injuryDr John Whishaw
1525Skin preparation – what can go wrong?Mr Gerard Powell
1535Questions and Panel DiscussionAbove plus:
Dr Eleanor Babcock

Plenary Session 6
1600 -1645 MSASA AGM

1600MSASA AGMDr N Munday to Chair

1800 – 2130 Park Hyatt Melbourne

1 Parliament Square, Melbourne

Note: Partners may attend with purchased ticket @$107