The benefits of being a MSASA member
MSASA is the most cost effective medico-political organisation medical surgical assistants can belong to. No other organisation can offer you this much for such a low cost.

MSASA believes that:

  1. The primacy of the doctor-patient relationship is essential to the highest quality and ethical clinical treatment of patients.
  2. Continuous improvement in our professional development will ensure that we remain pro-active, not reactive to developments in surgical assisting.

You can play your important part in ensuring that threats to your professional future are confronted, by being a member of MSASA – your medico-political organisation.


Key attributes of the Medical Surgical Assistants Society of Australia are


MSASA is a lean organisation that is not encumbered by layers of bureaucracy. Members have direct access to the Executive (Office Bearers) and the National Co-ordinator.


MSASA ensures that its representation and lobbying efforts are concentrated on those issues which have a real impact on practising medical surgical assistants.


MSASA’s lean structure means that we can respond very quickly to those issues which impact on our members. MSASA’s office is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure that its member’s interests are being cared for.


MSASA relies solely on the membership funds it receives from its members. We do not receive any funds from government or third parties. This means that the views we represent are those of our members and not government or third parties.


MSASA’s secretariat is located with other medico-political organisations which our National Co-ordinator also represents. This shared secretariat service enables MSASA to tap into a range of information which it would not otherwise be able to access.

Benefits of membership with the MSASA

Benefits include:

  1. We keep you updated on topics of importance
  2. We link you to other members through our national co-ordinator
  3. We represent your issues. MSASA responds to issues through submissions, lobbying, and campaigning.
  4. MSASA Annual Report detailing MSASA activities through the year.
  5. Industrial relations advice on practice issues.
  6. Exclusive access to members only resources and material

Cost of membership

Annual membership fees are $300.00, invoiced in January each year. Members can pay with credit card or Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT).


MSASA is currently involved in negotiations with the Medicare Review about your future.

It’s time to act and join MSASA now. To be eligible, you must be a registered medical practitioner in good standing who is currently, or will be in the future, involved in medical surgical assisting.

Australia has the highest standards of surgical care in the world. Our medical surgical assistants are independent professionals with a direct duty of care to their patients. MSASA wants to maintain these high standards, and to do so we need you to act now and join.

Don't wait and Join the MSASA