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Welcome to the homepage of the Medical Surgical Assistants Society of Australia. (MSASA), formerly known as AAMSA.

We are a representative body for all Australian medical practitioners providing surgical assistance in the Australian healthcare system, commonly described as Medical Surgical Assistants or MSAs.

The role of an MSA is to work closely with the principal surgeon as a skilled second pair of hands before, during and after surgery, so as to maximise safety and efficiency.

In recent decades, Australia has earned an enviable reputation for safe surgery and anaesthesia. MSAs have been an integral part of the surgical team throughout that period and have made a significant contribution to the high standards our patients now enjoy.

Surgical interventions are increasingly complex, and even routine procedures can involve considerable risk. They require expertise and teamwork, with each member of the team fulfilling their role to ensure the procedure achieves its desired result with minimal complications.

homepage of the Medical Surgical Assistants Society of Australia (MSASA)

The founders of MSASA realised that no-one would represent the unique contribution of Medical Surgical Assistants better than those who are engaged in this speciality. They confront daily the challenges faced by Medical Surgical Assistants, and the demands placed upon them. As the political landscape becomes more unpredictable, it has never been more important to join the only organisation that represents this unique role in Australian surgery. United we stand, isolated we fall. Please consider joining today.

MSASA is the only medical organisation in Australia representing and supporting medically qualified surgical assistants. Our members are an important part of Australian surgical practice. MSASA members value your right as a patient to choose your own doctor, and be fully informed of the cost of your operation. MSASA supports a well-funded public hospital system and a balance between public and private healthcare that has seen Australia achieve one of the highest life expectancies in the world.

MSASA strongly supports an independent Australian medical profession, with doctors acting in the best interests of their patients at all times, and not having their practice dictated by third party commercial providers or government bodies.

MSASA aims to maintain, improve, advance and promote ethical standards, integrity and the reputation of Australian medical surgical assistants; and maintain, improve, advance and promote the use of qualified medical surgical assistants in surgery in order to ensure the highest possible standards of safety and efficiency in surgical practice.

MSASA - Medical Surgical Assistants Society of Australia

The Medical Surgical Assistants Society Of Australia is


MSASA ensures that its representation and lobbying efforts are concentrated on those issues which have a real impact on practising medical surgical assistants


MSASA’s lean structure means that we can respond very quickly to those issues which impact on our members.


MSASA relies solely on the membership funds it receives from its members. We do not receive any funds from government or third parties.


MSASA’s secretariat works with other medico-political organisations, which allows us to tap into information networks that would otherwise be difficult to access.

Come and Join Our Community

Join us in ensuring that we maintain the highest levels of quality and ethical clinical treatment of patients and your profession is well represented.
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