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0800-0805Plenary Session 1    Welcome. Introduction and overview  Online    Dr Nigel Munday President MSASA  
0805-0835Plenary Session 1Evolving CPD Requirements for Surgical Assistants. Update from the Medical Board of AustraliaOnlineDr Anne Tonkin, Chair MBA
0835-0905Plenary Session 1nib and HH – the push towards US style managed care  OnlineMr Stephen Milgate
0905-0930Plenary Session 1Bone grafts in Upper Limb surgery  OnlineMr Glenn Boyce
0930-0955Plenary session 1Safe use of local anaesthetics in contemporary practice  OnlineDr Glen Burgin
0955-1010Morning Tea Break 

1010-1125Plenary Session 2Medico-Legal Session by MIGA – Issues around Social media use, Medicare billing and Covid Vaccine  OnlineMr Tim Bowen
1125-1150Plenary Session 2Dealing with Vascular Emergencies in a Private Hospital Setting  OnlineMr Matthew Claydon
1150-1230Plenary Session 2Radiation Safety in the Operating Theatre. How to protect yourself and others  OnlineMr Paul Einsiedel
1230-1315Lunch Break     
1315-1330Plenary session 3Overview of the Stryker Navigation Systems and Mako RobotOnline    Mr Jim Kiellerup
1330-1400 Plenary session 3  The Journey from Jigs to Robots in Joint ReplacementOnline    Mr Jim Kiellerup      
1400-1430Plenary session 3Robotic Joint Replacement – A Passing Fad?  OnlineMr Chris Jones
1430-1500Plenary Session 3Use of DaVinci robot in Gynaecological surgeryOnline    Dr David Munday
1500-1515Plenary Session 3The DaVinci Robot – an assistant’s perspective.OnlineDr Rachel Jackson
x1530-1545Afternoon Tea Break    
1530-1600Plenary Session 4Modern approaches to Spinal Fusion  OnlineMr Greg Malham    
1600-1630Plenary Session 4Which Bone Graft Substitute Should I Use?  OnlineMr Ashish Diwan  
1630-1700Plenary Session 5MSASA Annual General Meeting and Election of officebearersOnlineChaired by Dr Nigel Munday
ACCC draft determination grants authorisation to form buying group
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